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Exceed Your Staffing Needs

You deserve a partner willing to do things differently and relieve resource strain. We take on the entirety of the substitute teacher and paraprofessional management process from start to finish so your District can direct those resources elsewhere.

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Whether your District needs substitute teachers, teacher assistants, one-to-one aides, clerical staff, nutrition employees, or anything in between, ESS delivers. ESS recruits, places, and manages daily, long-term, and permanent positions in K-12 schools throughout the U.S. From day-to-day absences to permanent vacancies, we provide school districts with highly qualified and well-trained educators who positively impact the schools they serve.

Recruiting & Management (3)Daily Substitutes

Our expansive pool of trained substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff improves absence fill rates from the first day of our partnership. From meeting state-mandated qualifications to fulfilling district requirements, classrooms are filled with qualified substitute educators every day.

Recruit, Screen, and Train Top Talent

Recruiting New Talent

We go beyond simply posting jobs on a website – a tailored, year-round recruitment campaign is created and executed to source the perfect staff for your District. Our team utilizes the industry's most advanced marketing and recruitment strategies.

Ensuring Qualified Educators Through Rigorous Screening

Save time on the never-ending process of screening, credentialing, and hiring substitute teachers and paraprofessionals. Our program is built to mirror district and state regulations and certifications to ensure 100% compliance, 100% of the time.

Training the Best Talent

Career-building training programs guarantee that substitute teachers and aides become crucial educational resources. Employees receive comprehensive training before entering your District and can access ongoing development opportunities.


Recruitment Events Weekly


Training Sessions Monthly


Placements Each Day

Deliver Results with Complete
Employee Management

High Placements Rates

Fill rates soar with consistent, reliable substitute placement. Our software works 24/7 to appoint substitutes and our team works extended hours to fill any gaps.

Extensive Support

An extensive support network communicates regularly with substitute and permanent employees, provides professional guidance, and offers daily support.

Reduced Stress, Increased Satisfaction

ESS handles the day-to-day management of our substitute teachers and paraprofessionals, swiftly and efficiently resolving any performance issues.

Accurate, Prompt Pay

Precise tracking of employee hours, custom pay codes, and a thorough review process guarantee that employees are properly authorized for weekly payment.

Employee Retention to
Ensure Consistency

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Integral Employee Appreciation

Employees are recognized and awarded for making a difference in the district community through Employee Appreciation Days, the Employee of the Month program, the annual Impact Awards, and employee spotlights.

Motivational Incentives

Our exciting perks enhance the employee experience – such as raffles, performance bonuses, seasonal awards, a referral program, a discount shopping program, certification and tuition discounts, and credentialing reimbursem*nt.

Healthcare and Financial Wellness

Placing high value on our staff, we provide affordable health plans and supporting benefits to employees and their families. Employees are offered a 401(k) retirement plan to help them achieve their financial goals.

Recruiting and Management
Common Questions

How will ESS provide our District with enough substitutes to support our needs?

What kind of training does ESS provide substitutes?

Can training be customized to our District’s requirements?

Does your program track the time and attendance of your staff?

Who handles the payroll process for the substitute teachers and aides?

Does ESS properly screen all substitutes before hiring?

How does ESS support its substitutes to ensure they want to keep working?

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution to recruiting substitutes. At ESS, we design our recruiting specifically for each partner’s community. We develop a community-tailored, year-round recruiting campaign, including digital and traditional media, grassroots strategies, college and university partnerships, hiring events, and community involvement to ensure we have a large pool of qualified school personnel available daily.

ESS substitute teachers and paraprofessionals are provided with the most comprehensive training in the industry. Training begins with a live, interactive session conducted by local education experts and is further reinforced through periodic internet-based training modules.

Position-specific training includes classroom management, lesson plan strategies, special education, safety, and district policies.

Yes, the ESS training curriculum is fully customized to each district’s specific needs.

Yes, ESS will track employee time and attendance through ESS willsub+ Timesheets. Administrators can view when and where substitute personnel are working in real-time.

Each employee placed by ESS will be paid by ESS. Our finance department handles all payroll responsibilities. We absorb the costs and processes associated with payroll for these positions, freeing up your District resources, including proper payroll tracking of taxes, benefit eligibility, Affordable Care Act, workers’ compensation claims, unemployment claims, and other necessities of the payroll process.

Our hiring process is designed to mirror the exact specifications of your District’s current process. Each candidate is screened according to state, federal, and district standards. We also maintain digital records of paperwork and credentials, with automated audits to ensure 100% compliance.

We understand the importance of retaining valuable staff to maintain consistency in your schools. To that end, ESS invests significantly in employee support and retention. ESS substitutes are provided with a dedicated employee engagement team for daily support. They also have access to our human resources team for any questions about benefits, pay, and more. Furthermore, the local ESS management team maintains daily contact with our substitutes working in your schools to provide the hands-on support they need to

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Services and Support

Discover how a partnership with ESS will give your District more time, efficiency, resources, and productivity.

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Transition Process

From current staff conversion to systems integration, ESS has the experience to execute a seamless transition.

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ESS proudly affiliates with numerous education associations and cooperatives located throughout the country.

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Recruiting & Management (2024)


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