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Do you ever wonder how other countries take their breakfast? Let’s take a culinary trip to Italy with these 25 Italian Breakfast Recipes!

There are vast differences in our breakfast choices based on what the culture or norm is.

For example, if you’re looking for Italian-inspired breakfast ideas, you’ll be surprised at how sweets rule their mornings.

While others consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day and so load up on carbs in the morning, the Italians prefer sweet and small.

A typical Italian morning meal consists of a few pastries and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate to get them going for the day.

If you’re hoping to change your morning meal habits, these 25 Italian breakfast recipes will surely brighten up and kick-start your day!

Keep on reading, and don’t miss #25!

It is so flavorful, and it depicts the usual simple and elegant Italian breakfast!

Mangia! You Gotta Try These 25 BEST Italian Breakfast Recipes! (2)

Table of Contents

1. Spicy Italian Breakfast Roll-ups

You might mistake these Spicy Italian Breakfast Roll-ups for Italian enchiladas.

So what distinguishes it from Enchiladas?

These roll-ups are a crumb-free breakfast, which is ideal if you want to eat in the car on your way to work.

Its soft taco shells hold together with the filling and do not disintegrate when you bite them.

Worry less that you’ll get crumbs on your shirt or dress as you get to your office.

The Italian Breakfast Casserole is jam-packed with goodies such as sausage, lots of spices, tomatoes, and creamy egg mixture!

Make your crust layer perfectly delish with butternut squash which gives this dish a bit of extra flare.

Garnish it with fresh herbs or parsley before serving.

Ciambella is a classic Italian breakfast cake that goes well with a cup of coffee or tea.

This recipe calls for a few staple ingredients, and you can find them all in your fridge.

Ciambella renders a flavorful, tender, and soft texture, all thanks to olive oil, orange zest, and juice.

We have a huge list of more Italian Cakes here.

Transform your same old toasted bread breakfast into an Italian-inspired dough.

The garlic powder mixed with the egg scramble adds a subtle flavor that compliments the other ingredients.

It also preserves the garlic element from the traditional Italian Bruschetta recipe.

Focaccia Bread gives that pizza vibes—soft, chewy, and with a slight crisp on the outside.

This Italian yeast bread is basically olive oil, herbs, and garlic.

It offers a wide range of toppings such as rosemary, onions, artichoke, mushrooms, pesto, oregano, and even sliced tomatoes!

With sprinkled sugar, honey, and raisins, your sweet tooth will love it.

If you like how tomatoes provide a balanced tangy and sweet flavor, you’ll love these eggs in purgatory for breakfast.

This hearty meal is bursting with delicious flavors!

The fresher the eggs and tomatoes you use, the better the results.

To balance the spicy kick, use red pepper flakes instead of fresh chili.

Imagine devouring these crispy fried Italian sausage scramble burritos on a lazy weekday morning.

These burrito bites are incredibly tasty, with seasonings, herbs, cheese, eggs, and a fiery hot kick from Italian sausage.

If you want to make it more flavorful, try adding slices of green onions.

These Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are perfect for a morning tea party with your friends.

The ricotta cheese makes this dish super light, and it goes down so easy – the kind that slowly melts in your mouth.

Also, the unrefined coconut oil leaves a pleasant coconut sweetness in the pancakes.

Make it more tempting by adding your favorite toppings like honey, sour cream, and fresh berries, giving an irresistible tangy and sweet flavor.

These cannolis will give you a glimpse of the island of Sicily with its creamy filling and slightly sweet taste.

Draining the ricotta cheese overnight is an excellent step to prevent the shells from getting soggy.

Although it takes patience, given the tedious process, take your time.

Finishing it with powdered sugar adds a subtle sweetness and makes it extra tempting.

These Italian Sausage Frittatas taste like pizza.

The sautéed onions and peppers give a softer texture that suits a pizza’s style.

The pungent aroma from the oregano leaves gives a strong and earthy flavor, making this dish more delectable.

Are you looking for a sweet and creamy pastry with a hint of crispness?

Try this Italian cream-filled pastry called pasticciotto.

The lemon zest incorporated in the egg and milk mixture provides a fresh flavor and helps make the cream rich and thick.

Serve these pasticciottos with a cup of coffee, and we bet that you would have it no other way as well.

A delightful breakfast is what this Italian Cherry Panetonne French Toast brings to your home.

No exact words can describe how delightful and impressive this dish is.

The panetonne has mother yeast, an essential ingredient that gives its tangy and sweet texture and distinct flavor.

Top it with the finest cherry you have in your fridge and experience that classic Northern Italy feels wherever you are.

This iconic Italian breakfast, Sfogliatelle may be hard to pronounce, so better yet, let’s bake instead.

Sfogliatelle is soft on the inside and crisp and flaky on the outside.

On the inside are warm vanilla and citrus-rich thick filling from the delicious orange and ricotta cream cheese that you will not dare resist.

Who wouldn’t love having tasty donuts and a cup of their favorite drink for breakfast?

If you are thinking about doughnuts for breakfast, this is the sign!

The Zeppole recipe is easy to follow and can be made with many different fillings and toppings- dust them with cinnamon or granulated sugar instead of the same old powdered sugar.

Make it look nice for the kids by sprinkling or dipping them in melted chocolate.

They’re so tasty, you’ll love every bite of these ball-shaped donuts.

One cuppa of thick Italian Hot Chocolate coming up!

Mornings with bread and pastries aren’t complete without a cup of hot chocolate.

And when we say hot chocolate, we mean those with a creamy texture and sweetened by constant whisking of mixtures.

This sweet fix is comfort food that you will make over and over!

You may top it with marshmallows or whip cream, we won’t stop you!

Thinking about warm and fresh doughnuts with the bonus of thick filling makes our mouths water!

If you are longing for one, try these Italian doughnuts called Bomboloni.

Bomboloni translates as big bombs, literally and figuratively.

These big bombs are temptation-inducing big round-shaped doughnuts full-packed with rich cream filling.

The lemon zest mixed with the filling adds color and lemon flavor, making the doughnuts scrumptious!

These Italian Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese sandwiches will blow your socks off!

This recipe is loaded with the tastes of an Italian sandwich, including mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, pine nuts, and fresh basil.

The grilled cheese atop the garlic bread enhances the flavor making it extra tasty.

We cannot fathom how exquisite this dish is, it’s beyond divine!

What else can you ask for in a 4-inch tall pie crust full of rich and creamy fresh mozzarella, pasta, herbs, meat, and spices?

Incredibly delicious breakfast- that is what we can tell you about this Eggplant Timballo With Meat Sauce.

So what makes this dish unique and delectable?

The paprika toppings give a sweet and spicy flavor with a hint of smokiness.

There’s more!

The basil gives an explosion of flavor, while the black pepper transforms the mild taste of eggplant into something feistier.

You may find Rustico Leccese a simple morning snack, but this dish is amazingly jaw-dropping with its stuffing of tomato sauce and mozzarella.

This rough pastry gets flavorful from its spices and silky cream bechamel sauce.

Sweet buns for a lovely morning with your friends or family is a perfect way to start your day.

These sweet buns with whipped cream on top aren’t just merely some kind of food.

Men used to hide rings on these cute buns and offer them to their future wives.

Take a bite before popping up the big question.

The whipped fresh cream makes all the difference, making it lovely and delightful.

This Italian-inspired Tiramisu breakfast has an authentic taste of Tiramisu yet is made without eggs.

You’re probably wondering why.

It is to simplify the process.

This recipe is different from the usual Tiramisu, wherein you can mix it with decaf coffee or substitute it with some alcohol.

Baileys, perhaps?

You’ll get addicted to making these Italian cookies called Cantucci.

You can quickly grab these excellent breakfast cookies to get to your morning meeting on time.

These Tuscan-inspired cookies are scented, crunchy, and with a hint of aromatic taste from the grated lemon zest.

The almonds give a unique flavor to the cookies, making them heavenly treats!

On busy mornings, serve it with your favorite hot beverage.

Here’s a great list of Italian Cookie recipes galore!

The Savoiardi is also known as sponge fingers.

These super light and airy cookies are sponge-like on the inside and crisp on the outside.

They are an excellent addition to tiramisu or trifles.

And do you know what else they are good for?

Of course, to be paired up with a cup of coffee in the morning!

This Italian egg bake recipe is so simple that you can serve it in a jiffy.

So, what’s special about this dish?

This recipe calls for romanesco broccoli!

The mild, nutty, and sweet taste of romanesco broccoli goes well with spices.

And the anise-like and peppery flavor of basil complements the earthy taste of broccoli.

If you love pears and dark chocolates at the same time, no doubt you’ll love these pear and chocolate chip pancakes.

The tangy and sweet taste of the pear balances the bitter taste of dark chocolates.

When you take your first bite, it’s like getting the best of both worlds.

You’re gonna love these other Italian Recipes too!

The bottom line

And that’s a wrap!

We hope that you have chosen your Italian-inspired breakfast to enjoy your sweet mornings with your friends and family.

Be sure to try these Italian Side Dishes, too!

Buon Appetito!

Mangia! You Gotta Try These 25 BEST Italian Breakfast Recipes! (3)

25 BEST Italian Breakfast Foods 🍳

Do you ever wonder how other countries take their breakfast? Let’s take a culinary trip to Italy with these 25 Italian Breakfast Recipes!


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  • Italian Breakfast Casserole
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  • Italian Sausage Frittata With Peppers & Onions
  • Italian Cream-Filled Pastry Pasticciotto
  • Italian Cherry Panetonne French Toast
  • Sfogliatelle
  • Zeppole
  • Italian Hot Chocolate
  • Bomboloni
  • Italian Garlic Bread Grilled Cheese
  • Eggplant Timballo With Meat Sauce
  • Rustico Leccese
  • Roman Maritozzi
  • Eggless Tiramisu
  • Cantucci
  • Homemade Savoiardi
  • Mini Italian Breakfast Egg Bake With Romanesco Broccoli
  • Pear & Chocolate Chip Pancakes


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Mangia! You Gotta Try These 25 BEST Italian Breakfast Recipes! (2024)


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